Ehire Adrianza


Atlanta Braves




Ehire Adrianza’s illustrious baseball journey began at the age of six, blossoming in his home country of Venezuela. As an esteemed infielder for the Atlanta Braves, Ehire’s exceptional defensive skills are his hallmark. His ability to make precision plays in high-pressure situations has saved countless runs for the team. Ehire’s versatility shines as he effortlessly transitions between various infield positions, providing stability to the defense. Offensively, his clutch hitting and disciplined plate approach contribute crucial runs to the Braves’ success.

Beyond his talents, Ehire’s commitment to his country and giving back is exemplified in his efforts to help kids in Venezuela through the Ehire Adrianza Foundation. From a young baseball enthusiast to a two-time MLB Champion, Ehire Adrianza’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and remarkable talent on the field.

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